Continental Horsepower

Terms & Conditions

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Auditing General Information

Participants will submit corroborating invoice data by digital upload using the Upload Tool on the Power Page. The audit process consists of a confirmation between supplied invoice data and data entered online. Participants are encouraged to retain all corroborating invoice data to support their monthly Power Page submissions. All submissions are subject to audit by program administration, insuring that the information submitted on the monthly Power Page is supported by invoice data for that month. Continental maintains the right to deny any submissions and revoke any rewards values credited to a participants account that do not pass a program audit. In the event that a participant’s submission fails an audit, the participant will be given an opportunity to supply documentation that alleviates the problem. Participants are encouraged to maintain documentation that supports their monthly submissions.

  1. Program Eligibility

HorsePower Untamed is available by invitation only to a select group of individual salespeople selling to fleets and users directly. No wholesale or intercompany transfers are permitted in this program. No sales may be aggregated; but must be solely the reporting participant’s sales. Any tax liability is the individual’s responsibility. A valid individual W-9 tax form including your SSN (not a company tax ID) must be on file with Continental to redeem in the program. As well as TD1 form for Canadian participants.

Aggregation of points over groups of salesman and/or tax information that is of a business nature will not be permitted. 

Owners and dealer principals are not eligible to participate in this program.

  1. Receiving Points

Reward participants will receive paperless electronic rewards. Point statements may be viewed online at the program web site under your account information. Participants will be given a maximum of 60 days from the beginning of the month to submit points on the power page. All submissions are subject to audit whereby submitted dates and end-customer invoices are reviewed for accuracy. 

See chart for both submission and approval periods. Navigate to your pending claims to view more details.  Here you will find a claims history chart. A note with an asterisk will appear indicating which submitted claims are currently not eligible for review and approval by your territory sales manager. If the approval period is open and the claim has not been approved, please reach out to your TSM for more information. If you have questions regarding claim and approval periods, our customer service team can help direct you. Claim approvals are business area specific and are up to the sole descretion of the certified approver for that business area (Commercial Vehicle Tire, Specialty Tire, or Passenger Light Truck). 

  1. Point Life

If the Program is discontinued, the Program Participant will have 45 days to redeem their Points for Rewards, unless the program is terminated immediately for other reasons. Beginning January 1st 2018 any account not submitting sales for 6 months will be put up for termination due to inactivity. Upon final termination, any and all unredeemed Points (and the value thereof) shall be forfeited and no reward claims shall be honored thereafter. All points earned in a calendar year, must be used by March 31st of the following year, otherwise those points will be forfeited and expired.


If an account is made inactive for any reason by the sole discretion of the management team, points will be expired immediately. 

  1. Non-Transferable/No Cash Value

Points are not transferable and are not redeemable for cash.

  1. Availability

All rewards merchandise, airline & hotel accommodations and any other travel included in the Rewards Program are available only to Program Participants who have received Points as part of this loyalty points-based program. All Points must be redeemed through the Program Redemption Center Online Catalog. Reward items offered are subject to availability.

  1. Online Catalog

Please refer to your Online Catalog for the most up-to-date details on Rewards, Point Values and Redemption information. Eligible Participants may redeem points only for items listed in the catalog at the designated point quantities. Should a featured reward become unavailable, a reward of equal or greater value will be substituted whenever possible.

  1. Concierge Services

For concierge requests please send an email along with the details of your request to so we can assist.  Just let us know what you are looking for and provide your full name, address, and current point balance.  Our Concierge Services are designed for redemptions of 150,000 points and above and we are happy to assist you with your plans.  You can also submit a request online under Contact us / Concierge Service.


Continental Tire the Americas, LLC and the Rewards Center are delighted to offer participants the opportunity to redeem points earned in the HorsePower Untamed Reward Program for unique and fulfilling rewards not found in the extensive HorsePower Untamed online offering. 

Whether the desired Reward is a luxury vehicle or watercraft, something for the home or a once in a lifetime vacation trip, specialists in the Rewards Center are available to assist with participants plans.

Redemption Process

Participants should submit requests via email to  so we can assist with their request.  HorsePower support will then contact the participant to further discuss the Concierge request.  Once the participant has agreed upon the Reward specification, HorsePower support will develop a detailed quotation for the amount of points to be redeemed for the Reward. 



Participants should note that in the event that a Reward requested through Concierge Services can be found in substantially the same form and functionality within the HorsePower Untamed Rewards online catalog, the Rewards Center will direct the participant to that reward for subsequent redemption.  The Concierge service is recommended for Rewards that will have a point value of 150,000 or greater.  As with all other Rewards, Concierge services are subject to seasonal, manufacturer or supplier availability.

Please be sure of the reward you have chosen before confirming the selection for redemption. Concierge services rewards cannot be returned or canceled once ordered.

No firearms, explosives, weapons, or firearm accessories will be fulfilled through this service.  Also anything else requiring special permits or legal authorization cannot be obtained through Concierge services.

Tire purchases are excluded from the concierge service.

All requests will be evaluated by Continental Compliance and will only be filled at their sole discretion. 

Cash and Cash Equivalent Redemptions

Due to compliance regulations, the HorsePower Untamed rewards program cannot reimburse participants directly with cash or cash equivalents.  In addition we must negotiate directly with the provider of the product or service, on your behalf, before the purchase is made and will only make payments due to them.  We reserve the right to refuse to engage in any request that does not adhere to the rules or spirit of the program at our sole discretion.


  1. Questions

All points must be redeemed through the Program Redemption Center. Continental Tire the Americas, LLC reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time in its sole and absolute discretion. For questions regarding Merchandise Services or Travel Services call  1-800-328-5636 or email



Participants understand that they are responsible for reporting as income and paying all taxes including all federal, state, local and any other applicable taxes associated with their receipt of any reward. When required by law, Continental Tire the Americas LLC will issue each award recipient and Internal Revenue Service 1099 tax form for the fair market value of the Award. This offer is void where prohibited by law.

Continental Tire the Americas LLC reserves the right to audit, alter or cancel this Program at anytime in its sole discretion, including without limitation the program format, Program partners, Program elements, Reward levels and Reward rules. All such changes may be made without any prior notification to the Program Participants. 

Continental Tire the Americas LLC, its owners, agents and employees make no guarantees, warranties, or representations of any kind, expressed or implied, with respect to items of merchandise or travel and shall not be liable to Program Participants or any third party for any damage, loss, expense (including, without limitation, attorneys fees), or harm of any nature which arises in whole or in part from the underlying Travel or Merchandise Services arranged for the Program Participant in connection with the Program.

The Program Rules shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of South Carolina without giving effect to the principles of conflicts of laws thereof.

In the event any dispute arises between Continental Tire the Americas LLC and a Program Participant regarding the Program Rules or any other dispute which is in any way related to the program, the parties agree that the first step to reaching a resolution will be to contact the Program Administrator. If the Program Administrator fails to resolve the dispute arbitration will be held in Fort Mill, South Carolina before the American Arbitration Association or any successor entity pursuant to the commercial rules of arbitration then pertaining.

If any provision of the Program Rules shall be declared to be invalid, unenforceable or void, such decision shall not have the elect of invalidating or voiding the remainder of the Program Rules. Upon such an event, the parties shall in good faith modify or alter the remainder of the Program rules to educate the original intent of the parties.